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Atlanta-raised actress/director Brianne Davis plays a military wife in "Six," a new History channel series about SEAL Team 6, which wraps in March. Here, she talks about sex scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal, guys in uniform and, of course, Waffle House.


Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis 

You’ve played two military love interests—first in Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal and now on Six. Do you love a man in uniform?

My father served in Vietnam, so that’s probably where it stems from a bit. The roles allow me to voice what men and women in the military go through. In Jarhead, it was young love—my character cheats on Jake Gyllenhaal. In Six, it’s about mature adult love. My character, Lena Graves, sticks with her husband and wants to make it work. The show is not only about the missions, but also about two people who have to navigate this world. The women sacrifice as much as the men do.

Going back to Jarhead, I understand you got some bruises during a love scene with Gyllenhaal. Please explain.

During the scene, Jake is holding me up by my legs against the wall. It’s young love—there’s no suaveness, no foreplay. [Director] Sam Mendes was giving us direction, yelling, ‘like jackrabbits!’—over and over again, which was making us laugh. I ended up with a pretty nasty bruise on my back. But, hey, that’s part of the job. [chuckles]

You’ve directed two indie movies [The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story and Psychophonia] and acted in a lot of roles. Can you think of a time that a director did something that made your head explode?

One time I was doing a fight scene in an indie film, and the director kept saying, ‘Give me more! Give me more!’ More anger? More sadness? More what? I need a word. That doesn’t help.

There’s a lot of good movies and TV being done in Atlanta. Can you see yourself moving back?

I’ve been in Los Angeles 13, 14 years now—so probably not, unless I got a series. I have a shot [of that happening] in Atlanta or Savannah. But I love coming back and seeing the family and eating all the delicious Southern food.

Speaking of food, what’s a dish from Atlanta you miss?

That’s easy. Waffle House hash browns scattered, smothered and covered.

You can’t get that in L.A.?

No, it’s a Southern thing.